Being one of four siblings I got lots of material to compare myself with. While all of us are definitely one of a kind, you can also find things we all have in common. Or more interesting: only some of us share.

And the one thing which is permanently on my mind is: why am I the only one who considered leaving our hometown after school and cannot really imagine to stay there for a lifetime?

Even today – after I have lived in 6 cities in 3 different countries – I cannot see myself here in my hometown and growing old. For my siblings it is exactly the other way around „why should I leave? I got my husband /boyfriend / friends/ family here…“

Some years ago I tried to argue with them: – But you will never know what u miss out! And then you will regret it! – I’ve once also tried to argue that marrying your first boyfriend will lead to regret cause you will never know what else is possible.. I know that wasn’t nice at all. But at this point I just couldn’t understand how one can be so sure without knowing at least some opportunities.

While for me the next corner can always bring something better, my siblings can enjoy what they have and are happy with it. Maybe I haven’t found myself yet and maybe there will be a point in my life when I stop searching, when it doesn’t matter anymore if there might be a better place to live.

uhm. This somehow sounds like I am unhappy.

Unhappy? Me? .. sure if there is no flight booked.. or if the job search is not going so well.. I can be in a bad mood. But besides that I would consider myself happy. Cause I do know how privileged my life is. What a lovely family I have. How awesome my friends are.. And most important I still have dreams. I know exactly where I wanna to go, which places I want to visit and what people I want to have around. And I guess the list of places I want to see will never stop lengthening..

My guess is: there are just some different categories of people. And somehow you are either equipped with curiosity for „the other life“ or you are just happy with what you have.

(To those people not fitting in these two categories, who are just unhappy with everything.. try to look at people less privileged and you will start to learn how happy you should be..)

I know there are lots of studies about group – or sibling dynamics – and about everyone got his own place and role. But still I cannot imagine how somebody is just not interested in seeing the world (or try to live somewhere else) or try new food, or smell other flowers.. and even more so, when you all grow up under the same circumstances.. (kind of..).

I mean how can anybody ever stop wondering about life? 😉


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