Challenge: getting on this plane

Coming to Frankfurt airport always makes me excited, but this time I was really nervous… First I didn’t thought about the guys with the guns too much.. Haven’t they been there every time? No actually not.. They are only around El Al. And shortly after, I will recognize what else is different. But for now I just went to the check-in machine, printed my boarding pass and moved on to luggage drop-off.

Before entering the the drop-off-area I needed to stop at another desk.. You can imagine: this didn’t help me with being not nervous.

Why are you going to Israel? Are you traveling alone? Is this your first visit? Is this your first travel ever? Why can you travel so much? What happened to your old passport? What are you doing for a living? How do you know these friends you visiting? Are they Israeli? What are their names? Where are you going to stay? Are you staying there the whole time? When did you pack your bag? Who was with you when you packed it? Where was it after the packing? Who brought you to the airport? What’s his name? How do you know him… 30 minutes later the security guy handed me some papers and I was allowed to proceed. Uhm.

But no.. That wasn’t it. At boarding and before! the scanning the airline people asked me to wait again.. From listening to the question, the girl before me in line was asked, I knew they opened her suitcase .. In my mind I already went trough my backpack looking for arguments why I packed what I packed.. Are balloons suspicious?! Why did I bring them anyway.. Ahhh.

Finally my turn. But surprise no more questions just checking my hand luggage for explosive stuff. Do I really look that dangerous?

But arriving at my hostel I got to know I still was lucky.. The Dutch guy in the lobby told me he was questions 5 hours upon arrival.. I just walked through. :)

I wonder what is going to happen on my flight back..

First way in the morning. Straight to the beach.

First way in the morning. Straight to the beach.




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