Haifa, Jerusalem and Purim

First time you are on a bus and a really young guy with a machine gun enters at the next stop you are all like.. .. like.. jah. scared? confused? uncomfy? Well.. I was wondering if he should have this gun with him on the bus. But I was definitely the only one worrying.. or yah even noticing.. so I assumed that it is fine and that he should have the gun and everything is good..

still.. is it loaded? or ehm better locked?

However, what was really strange to me, is completely normal to my friends.. Hey they are in the army they have to take their weapons with them… right. everyone (which means boys AND girls) are soldiers for 3 years after high school, it’s part of everyday life to see soldiers and being one yourself and handling weapons.

And only to little Mah it feels wrong having a playground for kids right on a memorial with tanks, weapons and stuff.

Back in Germany I was wondering if it is safe to go to Israel in general and of course which parts should be avoided. Jerusalem was one of the cities I thought I wouldn’t visit. Because of all the things people around me said and what the Ministry of Forgein Affairs was recommending „Try to avoid lots of people and public transport in Jerusalem“. You see as this is kind of hard when you intend to visit the city.. it’s better not to go there at all. And that was my plan. Until.. yah until I told Oren.

Haha. What are you talking about? Of course it is safe to go there.. are you kidding me? You have to go there!

And so I did book a hostel (yah I had to.. because of Purim – israeli carnival – but I will come to this). The day right before I was about to leave Haifa some hostel-girls told me that there was gunfire the last night and about 70 rackets, some of them on West-Jerusalem. Maybe you shouldn’t go.. yah well. but.. I already booked.

Sure – I could have changed plans easily.. but after talking so some locals again, who weren’t worried at all, I decided to go. Even more guys with weapons on the tram there. But beside that. Wow. I mean: a city 5000 years old? So glad I didn’t missed it.

Purim – Imaging you go to cologne.. you don’t like carnival.. and the day you arrive is „Schmutziger Donnerstag“. There is no way to avoid celebrating and jump right into the party. This is how Purim in Israel is like, but bigger. Cause the whole country is going crazy, not only some parts – like in Germany. So either you decide not to leave your hostel bed for 4 days or you just find a costume and have fun. And even for me – and you can trust me, I am totally not into costumes and theme parties at all – it was kind of fun. The hostel was hosting a party and also provided the guests with all kind of funny accessories – and what shall I say, when it was time to leave to the airport at 2 am the party was still going on and I was a bit sad that i already had to leave. It was  definitely a really nice end of my trip. And yes I will come back. :)


Bahain Gardens





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