New stories just around the corner.. heading to Israel

Did i Even think before making this decision? Hardly. When I got that call ’sorry I won’t make it to Barcelona with you next week..‘ Israel popped up in my mind again. Next thought was: ‚that’s crazy you need a new passport first.. And aren’t the flights quite expensive?‘

But Tuesday morning before my exam, I looked into the possibility to get a second passport via express. And it was possible. So I made an appointment with that office the same day to order a new passport. And what shall I say? It was way too easy. Like always when I’m planning something let’s say.. unusual: I started to smile. Of course there was this option that an important interview would take place in the week I’m planning to go.. But otherwise why shouldn’t I do it?

So I waited til Monday and was lucky: the interview was scheduled exactly the day I needed it to be.. I could book that flight.

And I did. Uhm. And then I did a mistake. Looking up the safety instructions for Israel. Don’t go there. Avoid this and please register as a German abroad. Puh. Okay. I’m nervous. But there is no way back anyway. And the smile is still there.. So it can’t be a bad decision. Right?



noch 2mal schlafen 😉


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