Tel Aviv – tigeresque

mhm. I don’t really know how I did expect Tel Aviv to be, but definitely different from what it is.

I’ve tried to explain Adam what I mean, but I guess he didn’t get it. It is not really that I had a real picture in my mind.. but somehow.. well I don’t know.

I thought Tel Aviv is Hi-Tec, a brand new and modern city with lots of skyscrapers. And definitely a tram or a subway. Well maybe this was just because of my own convenience – it’s way harder to get lost in a city with a nice subway system.

And here is, what it really is: A big and confusing, yet charming city. With more streetart than every other city I visited so far (including Berlin). Probably the funniest thing is that there is Tel Aviv and then lots of other cities around the city center, that are their own cities themselves. In every other country you would probably say these are districts – but not in Israel. Yah they are cheating obviously 😉

Another bonus is definitely the closeness to the sea. After strolling through the streets you (or ehm. at least me) can easily end up at the beachfront with a mint tea (yah it was way too cold these days!)

Visiting Tel Aviv and staying at Adam’s place wouldn’t be complete without being a tiger. So after some amazing days with walking in the rain, seeing all hidden and not so hidden places in Tel Aviv, having a real sisha-experience, and lots and lots of laughter my stay ended with being a backpacking-tiger. (for more tigers please like


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