Why coming home is never as nice as you imagined it to be

Have you ever been traveling for more than just a holiday? Maybe more than a half year? Say you booked a flight without knowing when you will return. Maybe there is no need to go back until you run out of money.. or you still have a place, a city, a country on your list.. or whatever. It is very likely that there are moments during your journey in which you feel homesick. Maybe you got some bad news from home, or the birthday of your mother, sister, best friend is coming up. Something that makes you wanna be back home and spend a day with your family and friends. Most often you are able to carry on, the day(s) pass by and you remember how lucky you are – traveling the world and making lots of great experiences.

But if you are away long enough (reaching this point can take you two months or two years..) there is this point when you just can’t appreciate your journey anymore. The most beautiful beach in the world – is just another beach. Diving, trekking, biking in a breathtaking area has lost its charm to you and your life back home seems to be all you really need. At this point it really depends on the people you meet abroad and if they are travel-tired themselves or just started their journey and are overall excited about.. jah everything.

Let’s assume you meet people at the end of their travel, looking forward to go back home and can’t wait to get on their flight. Most often they will be unsure themselves but.. of course they won’t tell you. ‚Cause now as they booked their flight there is no point of return so the only way is to look forward to it. Seeing their excitement will make you feel even more confused. You start to really miss the sunday sessions with your family on the sofa or the partying with your friends. Now you still meet lots of nice and interesting people but instead of being openminded, you are just remembered that they are not your friends or family. Maybe you now start to be on facebook or whatsapp more often, trying to find out what’s happening back home.. And then when all this sums up you are online booking your flight.

Now as you reached this point of no return, you are excited yourself, can’t wait to go back and share all your stories and show your pictures. Either that or.. yah.. you might already recognize that you made a mistake. ‚Back home‘ suddenly doesn’t feel that good anymore, the degree of missing your dearest suddenly decreased and you wonder if carrying on wouldn’t have been the better option.

Nevertheless when you leave the plane, train, bus or whatever vehicle you used you are overall excited. When you are lucky this will last for some weeks.. more likely days (often.. just hours). You recognize that life back home haven’t stopped while you’ve been away (yah I know that just logical but somehow you might have assumed it anyway). People are happy that you are back, but most often just because they got somebody additional to tell their sorrows to.. or complain about life or the weather or..everything. You recognize that life back home is way more ‚complicated‘ than you have remembered it. You need to talk to certain offices, organize all kind of bureaucratic stuff, be a good friend and a responsible family member. All that while you are still in a world of funny bubbles. While in the morning you still wake up not knowing in which country you are and wondering where you will sleep tonight.. While in your mind you are still far away, looking at the ocean, hanging out with some local kids or cooking dinner over the fire –  people around you just can’t understand why you are hacked off by their self made problems.

(At the same time you might tell people again and again about your journey and the experiences you’ve made – not recognizing that they are not listening anymore.. or already are bored. You are still living somewhere else..)

At some point reality kicks in and you realize that you are back. Back to the life you missed sooo much. Sunday sessions with your family are often boring or sometimes a bit exhausting. Your friends are way too busy for partying and you need to take care about your ’normal‘ life – earning money and be a good member of the society.

At this point you will start to plan your next trip or just book a flight to somewhere else. You will recognize that you are maybe not made for being away forever, but being home is not for you either.

welcome home


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